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Hydroalcoholic Disinfectant

BIOÁLAMO - Desinfetante hidroalcoólico para superfícies

SKU: BIOÁLAMO-750ml | 1000 available units

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Available in packs of 750ml, 1L, 5L and +

BIOÁLAMO is a product formulated based on a fast-drying hydroalcoholic mixture, designed to provide the treated surfaces with hygienic conditions suitable for intense and continuous use by people.

BIOÁLAMO regenerates and purifies the surfaces on which it is applied, its properties are effective solvents of fats, dust and biological contaminations present in highly frequented areas during use.

In addition, it diffuses and dries quickly, helping to eliminate odor sources and allowing activity to resume almost immediately after cleaning.

It contains no dyes, so it can be applied without the risk of stains or damage to any type of surface.

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